Anonymous asked: Hi I'm vegetarian and I want to become vegan because I want to be healthier but how do I make it easy without eating breads,milk,and cheeses?

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Anonymous asked: When you decided to go vegan, did you decided to do it for yourself.. or to "save the animals"? Just wondering, a lot of my friends are making the transition, but most of them are animal activist who are just following the crowd. its rather irritating!

I went vegan for myself as i’m against cruelly towards and the exploitation of animals and do not want to be a part of that.

why would you find that irritating? your friends are doing something wonderful for other earthlings, their healths and the environment; nothing to get your knickers in a knot about xx

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super-dangerous asked: i've tried being vegetarian before but just got unhealthy and gained lots of weight. do you have any tips on how to be healthy while being vegetarian? i struggled aha. x

a common mistake most people make when going vegan/vege (particularly vegetarian) is not replacing meat with the right things. many vegetarians just stop eating meat and instead eat lots of cheese, chocolate, junk etc, causing them to gain weight and/or be unhealthy in general.

eat a diet full of natural wholefoods; fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds etc and you’ll be fine xx

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Anonymous asked: How old are you ?

older than this blog

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smells-likekurtcobain asked: Heyy! I'm a vegetarian and I'd really like to become vegan but I'm not sure where to start? Should I do it gradually or all at once? Also my family aren't very supportive so do you know how I could get them to be supportive of my decisions? Thank you lovely xx

yolo do it all at once (or gradually if it suits you, but I personally think overnight is better)

honestly just be like ‘yo fambam i’m going vegan, it’s a personal decision and I wetting force you to do anything but I’d appreciate it if you supported me’.

a lot of young people message me regarding how to convince their families and the one thing I’d recommend to everyone is doing your research and knowing your shit - that way nobody can mess with you. be strong and don’t back down x x x

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cloudydaysxandxthexsmellofrain asked: I just wanted to say I absolutely adore your blog <3

'I adore you' Miley Cyrus x

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letusbevegan asked: Hi! So I tried your turmeric and coconut oil acne thing and it worked really well! It's also great for the rest of your body. It leaves your skin feeling super soft!

woo, happy to hear it!, careful when you put your clothes on though, if you haven’t washed it off properly they’ll stain xx

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Anonymous asked: Hey Doll, so I'm considering going Lacto Vegetarian because milk is my daily routine. Do you think that's half-assing a good lifestyle?

milk used to be part of my daily routine too…then I turned two.

try hemp/rice/soy/almond/coconut/hazelnut mylk, they’re delicious and not meant for another species. goodluck darling xx

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sunflowersanddykes asked: I just wanna say that you have an absolutely beautiful blog and you're such an inspiring and positive person :) I hope you have a fucking awesome day <3

aw you’re lovely, hope you have a magical day too xx

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Anonymous asked: Lately I've been eating more raw foods, but still not a lot. What is your opinion on a raw diet? I trust your opinion so I wanted to hear what you think xx

it works for some people, however not for others. personally I like a balance of cooked and raw foods as some food is more nutritious raw whilst others (eg tomatoes) have more nutrient value cooked.

I like to just eat what my body wants; lately I’ve been craving more salads and raw choc, other times i’m more into lasagne and pasta. whatever you eat, do try to (mostly, obviously don’t let it stop you from eating outside) make from scratch as at least you’ll know what’s going into your food and body x x x

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Anonymous asked: Hi, just wanted to say thanks soso much for running this amazing & informative blog! Your lifestyle is so inspiring. xoxo

aw you’re a babe, thankYOU for appreciating it xxx

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Anonymous asked: Super stoked for your ebook! Especially since reading that asks that you replied to saying you would have chocolate bar recipes thats probably the biggest craving I get haha! Also will your almond butter recipe be included? At first i wasn't sure about buying your book but now it just sounds too good to miss out on! Best of luck I cant wait!

hehe i’m da chocolate bar queen, I seriously included so many raw desserts and chocolates just because they’re the best. yeah I’ve got almond butter, peanut butter, hazelnut butter, cashew butter etc. I got yo back bby xx

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Anonymous asked: Can you give me some tips. On like what to eat, recipes, websites ect. I want to start a vegan diet.

try, my vegan links, insta: @taniangel7. you’ll learn as you go along xx

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lonelyyoungnbeautiful asked: Fave vegan snacks?

probs a tie between all my raw vegan versions of chocolate bars; twix, bounty, mars, snickers, reece’s pieces - i’m still a chocolate girl at heart (recipes will be in my ebook btw) xx

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Anonymous asked: I really hope this hasn't been answered, I'll feel so bad. But i've spent about 20 minutes on your links looking and haven't found it. Maybe I missed it agh :c but anyways, how would one exactly go about purchasing your ebook? I'm not even sure what an ebook really is I just love your recipes sooo much.. namaste :*

I’ll post a link on Friday (tomoz!!!) and you’ll be able to purchase it from there. don’t worry it’s all new to me too, we’ll figure it out together x x x

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