Anonymous asked: hey im sorry if this is a bit late but im doing hsc english and i keep getting comments on my essays like my thesis is strong enough (and sometimes that my ideas aren't sophisticated enough) what would you recommend doing?

honestly there’s nothing special you can do, just read over your essay and incorporate what you’ve learnt in class to strengthen it. look back at your notes and what your teacher/s have said about the text and it’s core themes and try to include those of you can’t think of your own thesis and ideas

also after trials, use the examination feedback you receive to improve your essays for the actual hsc x

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Anonymous asked: what's your usual exercise routine like? x

walking in nature and squatting at the fridge to see what’s on da bottom shelf, ya feel me??

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Anonymous asked: Hi I am feeling quite distressed I guess, haha. I am afraid of the 'popular' people in my school, they are mean and I have this constant fear of them. I really strongly dislike them:/ I am afraid to be with any next year for classes. I'm scared they will bully me or something :/

oo girl/boy/insertyogender ya gotta chill, it’s all in yo mind!!!

don’t go into class with preconceived notions of how other people will act - focus on the only thing you have control over; yourself

yes, people can be ‘mean/rude/bitchy’ etc but remember everyone is on their own journey. we’re all writing our own novels of our lives; you’re giving these ‘popular’ people a starting role in your novel, perhaps to then you’re only a side character, an extra in the background of the scene

don’t place so much emphasis on others; enjoy school, you’re there to learn and that’s so exciting!!! like a place with no obligations, all you have to do is go there and find out new info! it’s like an adventure!! xxx

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever heard of garcinia Cambogia? Is it true that it make you lose weight by eating it?

a healthy plant based intake coupled with exercise leads to fat loss - there’s no magical herb/plant/supplement/tea/blowjob which will make you instantly lose weight x

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Anonymous asked: hey ya tani, luv ur blog! ♥ so anyways, ive been vegan for a pretty long time and i also eat healthily; im not eating 811 or even rt4 but i do eat a couple of fully raw meals during the day whenever i feel like it. i dont eat organic fruit & veggies thu, and i feel real bad bout it bc ik how intoxicated non organic plants are and how this harms the bees, but i just cant afford organic foods! i feel kinda bad and dont know what to do, organic is just so expensive smh help me pliz

organic is preferable, but there’s nothing wrong with buying conventionally grown produce - organic is indeed expensive and there’s no need to feel upset for not being able to afford it x

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Anonymous asked: hey i was wondering what should i do if what i feel is kinda differnent to what i know is right / what i think. because sometimes i catch myself judging people and can't help but feel that sometimes the sterotypes are right but then also know that i shouldn't do this and im really conflicted about it. do you have any advice?

I think judging is human nature; when you see something/someone you’re going to analyse it/them based on your opinions, environment, social conditioning any experience - this is totally ok, judgement brings about social change

it’s more about cutting out rude and unnecessary comments we make about others, whether they be to ourselves or said to friends etc x

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Anonymous asked: Do you exercise much?

just an average amount x

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awakee-spiriit asked: What is your opinion on fully raw or raw till four vegans (high carb, low fat, low protein)

I don’t approve of a high carbohydrate,  low protein, low fat diet x

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Anonymous asked: hi tanisha. I eat a vegan diet and i don't use any household products that aren't vegan but the bed i have is leather and i also have shoes i bought before converting that are also leather. Can i still consider myself vegan because of those things? Bed's are pricey and i won't have enough money to buy myself a new one for quite a long time. xx

yes, I think anyone can consider themselves vegan once they make the conscious decision to  no longer purchase or use any animal products or  which contribute to animal exploitation and/or cruelty x

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itssunnydance asked: Are you vegan? Or raw vegan?

vegan x

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Anonymous asked: Hey tanisha sorry to bother you when you're busy but i was wondering what your youtube is and what your going to start making videos because there's so much I want answered about vegan cooking and lifestyle!!!?

all good darling, my youtube is ‘tanisha angel’ and I’m actually going to make one today, so I suppose if you subscribe you’ll know when I release it (I think? not 100percent sure how it works haha) xxx

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