imreallyinthelaundryroom asked: Hello :) I want to eat a vegan diet but I have weird allergies and am allergic to most fruits and some vegetables. Is it at all possible for me to be healthy eating very few fruits? Thanks!

yeah that’s fine, you don’t need fruit to have a healthy plant based diet, it’s just a nice addition. just ensure you’re eating enough grains, beans, legumes, lentils, nuts, seeds, veggies (which you aren’t allergic to) etc

(see my grocery list under my vegan links for more info) x x x

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Anonymous asked: quick you can only have one food and one drink (other then water) for the rest of ur life what is it???

omg scary…

  • drink: a concoction of coconut water, green tea and vodka
  • food: ice

that way i’ll be permanently drunk (yet hydrated) so i won’t have too much time to mourn the fact that i’m starving x x x

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