raisingasher asked: Hello! I am fairly new to veganism but I have experimented with a plant based diet many times. Are there any shoe brands that you can recommend to me? All my fall/winter shoes are made with leather

I either shop at betts or lipstik shoes (most are vegan just check first) x

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Anonymous asked: Hey! I have a question about hsc English essays , how many quotes would you put per paragraph and how many body paragraphs would you write? My teachers aren't that great and one keeps saying quantity over quantity, saying we should be able to write 8-12 pages in 40 mins :'(, I write 4 pages in 40 mins.

like three per paragraph and 3-6 body paragraphs (3 key ideas w/ 1-2 paras each). i did around 6ish pages but w/ largish messy writing x

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Anonymous asked: Lol In n Out is a fast food burger restaurant, they only sell burgers but they their employees well and I'm just not sure if it would be ok for me to work there since I'm vegan?

that sounds fine darling, you need to earn that sweet $$$ to live in this capitalist society! (and we’re not all privileged enough to have jobs at vegan cafes/health food stores and all that indy shit) just be conscious about where you spend it xx

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