Anonymous asked: Hey boo! Where did you get your super cute dress in your photo's from? My body needs it for this beautiful weather

the colourful one on my personal insta? (that’s the only dress I can think of haha). It’s a jumpsuit, my mum got it at a little boutique in melbs - idk specifics, sorry baby!! if you’re talking about a different one msg me again haha x

kidding wait I know what you’re talking about!! the pink one on my sidebar and stuff right?  it’s not a dress it’s like this seethrough throwover thing - I got it at fashion weekend a few years ago but the brand is miss unkon

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Anonymous asked: Yo collarbone game and eyebrow game and face game is sah strong I'm freakin blindedddddd

😍😍 aw bbyG (pls don’t hold me liable for blinding you omg)

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