effyskywalker asked: I started out pesca and stopped w that but now I'm trying vegan and giving up cheese is so hard! What do you recommend for a smooth transition ?

cheese contains trace amounts of morphine as well a concentrated amount of casein (in comparison to milk) which breaks down into casomorphins when digested and produces opiate effects.

this gives cheese a drug like effect due to the concentrated source if casomorphins. although it may seem hard now, once you break the cycle and give up cheese for a while, you won’t crave it.

maybe ease in by trying some vegan alternatives; nutritional yeast is my favourite, but there’s also soy or almond mylk cheeze x x x

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grays-anatummy asked: I really need your help. I decided to go vegetarian because I just couldn't bear eating animals anymore my mom thinks that it's impossible to be vegetarian without killing yourself she thinks I have been eating disorder (which ok maybe I do) ((but it's not like anybody knows)) she's threatening to take me to psychiatrist just because I'm a vegetarian which is really pissing me off I need all the advice I can get on how to do eat correctly. I know I already ambut she'll listen to a living vegan

darling if you do have an eating disorder (whether or not people know), your mum is doing the right thing by taking you to a psychiatrist. 

you’ll definitely be able to go vegetarian/vegan, however do see a professional and address your eating disorder first. when you are ready, nutritient lists and vegan info are under my vegan links (click here) x x x

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Anonymous asked: if youre becoming a naturopath, doesnt that mean you don't want to advocate mainstream doctors? why do you tell your followers to go to a doctor? i havent been to a doctor myself in years i always see naturopaths doctors don't have any clue. just saying. x

haha I consider naturopaths to be doctors (natural health doctors). I say ‘doctor’ so that my followers can choose either a mainstream or natural health doctor ie whatever they’re most comfortable with.

when people have symptoms I suspect are due to deficiencies I do tell them to see a mainstream doctor as this is the best place to aquire a blood test. even if you went and saw a naturopath they’d likely refer you to a mainstream doctor x x x

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Anonymous asked: sexual orientation?


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