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Anonymous asked: You look like a cross between beyonce, felice fawn, pia mia, nicki minaj, rihanna and tyra banks. In different photos you look like different people. But none of those people look like each other?

u r making my head spin lol, thankyou though x

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catsandbuddha asked: You and your blog are beautiful 💛

aw thankyou darling xx

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Anonymous asked: Should you limit your fruit intake? I just got home from school and had two kiwis, blueberries and like 5-10dates dipped in pb. That's on top of an apple and banana I had earlier at school plus other food (oats in morning, sandwich at lunch, and big bowl of veggies for tea and probs some dark Choc) is this too much sugar/carbs from fruit?

that’s fine, but as a general rule I’d aim to have more veggies than fruit - more nutrient dense (nothing wrong with fruit sugars though) x

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Anonymous asked: favorite flower?

black and white roses together #contrast

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Anonymous asked: Do you eat a lot of carbs or mainly just stick to fruit and vegetables C:

protein /fat /carbs - balanced

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Anonymous asked: advice on letting go? cnt fucking sleep bcs a fuckboy

everything is temporary ya know? like you’ll feel like this again but there’ll also be great times so just cherish every feeling whether they be positive or negative because they all contribute to making you who you are today

also find a dickpic on the internet and send it to him without any explanation, it’ll make u feel better

drink some tea and sleep bby, gnite xx

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Anonymous asked: Hey Tani, just hoping you can kick my butt a bit. I've been in an unhealthy convenience food (vegan tho of course) rut and feeling like crap. I want to eat whole natural foods only. Give me strength and inspiration. Loves ya.

the strongest strength comes from within pal, find your reason and use it to inspire and motivate you.

or just think of britney spears’ vid/song ‘work bitch’ ya know, that’s pretty inspirational?

also I have five assignments and four quizzes due next week + heaps of final exams in the coming weeks all of which I haven’t started + 24 tutorials due day after tomoz so if I can try to get all that shit done you can eat wholefoods ay???

loveya too xxx

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Anonymous asked: omfg today i saw this tweet on twitter and this gurl was like "saying "eating animals is yummy" as a justification for killing them is the same as saying rape is ok because it feels good to the rapist" and everyone got mad and was like you cant compare eating meat to someone getting raped and idk i mean they're acting as if animals dont have emotions and feelings idk what do you think ?? :00

nah I agree with the original tweet, people just get angry at notions which challenge their beliefs or make them feel guilty xx

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uhigh asked: Your advice is beyond fab

aw thankyou gorgeous, glad you think so xx

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Anonymous asked: whats a good thriller movie or series?

america’s next top model - WHO will be eliminated tonight???

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