Anonymous asked: I was vegetarian for two years and stopped because my mom was worried about my health I finally convinced her and I'm starting again but this time forever! Thank you you have helped me so much.

so happy for you baby, no worries at all! xx

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Anonymous asked: im reallly prone to bloating, i feel like whenever i eat, i just bloat, i have just recently become vegan aswelll, do you have any tips?? xxx

yeah happens when ya put stuff into ur mouth; food has to go somewhere until the nutrients are absorbed and the rest comes out ya butthole

I just ate a huge plate of Indian food and I easily look like eleven months pregnant or something ay

drink some green or peppermint T and chill xx

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Anonymous asked: tyra mail? you make me believe you're a big fan of antm, and judging from your sidebar pic you must have worked as a model, right? i'm interested in that so would you mind advicing me on how to get my first professional shoot? thanks a lot!

love me some antm - ya know, a season or two in a night ay…

very very briefly, I modelled for like two seconds; way too short haha. if you’re interested and have the height (5’8” and over is preferable) + body (fairly slim, probs about 32-24-34ish) + interesting face (eg I got scouted bc I had an ‘erethal beauty’ haha with my face and hair) then send in your photos (in jeans and a singlet, sometimes in a bikini with no or natural makeup -they’ll specify on their website anyway) to a reputable agency (I.e shouldn’t make you pay to join)

it’s hard though, they’re very particular about what they’re looking for, but definitely give it a go if you’re interested. try asking some models on  tumblr if you can as with my lack of experience I’m not the best person to advise you! xxx

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Anonymous asked: are you studying naturopathy? or are you a naturopath already? I want to come see you if you are, where is your clinic?

studying baby, one day you can come to my beachside clinic and after your consultation (which includes herbal or green T of course) enjoy some delish vegan/raw vegan food at the adjoining cafe xx

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hippies-n-stuff asked: Hey! I went veg a few days ago and I'm so happy! Smoothie recipes?

well done, so proud of you darling! heaps in my ebook (link in bio) and on my insty (@taniangel7) if you scroll down to the bottom where I had my smoothie making craze xx

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