Anonymous asked: How did you get over 90 on your atar without studying :(

school has always been pretty easy for me as it is catered for literally everyone + I picked subjects I love and I’m good at + for english I liked all my texts and that whole analysis jazz is fun for me, love a good textual analysis = happy atar

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jessica-meg asked: Do you not have any videos on your channel yet? Xx

yeah not yet, need to get home for dat sweet internet connection xx

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Anonymous asked: You are awesome you know you answer every question you inspire and you teach us to be ourselves I hope you have a good life forever

aw you’re all so sweet, thankyou. I hope you follow your passions and realise that you hold the key to your life in your hands - you can literally use it to open any door you wish; for me that’s the most empowering thing xxx

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wooden-times asked: What's the link to your YouTube channel i can't find it aaah

I don’t know the link sorry!  (on my phone) - should pop up if you type in ‘tanisha angel’ though xx

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Anonymous asked: you're special

aww we’re all kinda special magical beings trying to find our own light in a way..

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