be yourself, but fiercer
Anonymous asked: tanisha where did u get ur fierceness?

from within - life’s too short to be a basic bitch so unleash your inner fierceness instead x

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kryptongalaxy asked: Wow I love your blog!! I thank you so much for the link for vegan recipes, I've been looking all over the place :)!!

aw no worries darling, glad you find it helpful xx

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Anonymous asked: Speak the word of God they will listen

"my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun" - this is the word of the lord, thx b to god

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Anonymous asked: Easy veggie lunches for school? I make them in the morning in 5 minutes lol

make them the night before wowza - veggie burgers (use premade inner layZ) w side salad, rice salad, quinoa salad, tempeh salad, sweet potato fries with salad, spaghetti/pasta with veggie sauce + nutritional yeast, forget lunch and steal fruit from da cafe, lentil salad, bean salad, buddha bowls, rice noodz with kale tempeh/tofu cooked in a peanut satay sauce

sandwiches; tahini and veg, marinated tempeh or tofu with salad, pb raspberries and banana, food ya know?? xxx

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Anonymous asked: HEY what do you think of eating raw

good in conjunction with cooked foods - they both have their place in a healthy diet x

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Anonymous asked: Helloooo Tanisha! First off I wanted to let you know how much your blog has helped me. Yours was one of the first vegan blogs that I found so thankyou! Second, I've don't eat a lot of fruits and veggies and thought juicing would be really good for me: would it be ok if I had a fresh juice everyday? (I think it was Freelee that said juices weren't good to have daily due to sugar content or something ? but this was a while ago so I don't remember correctly) thankyou! ❤️

happy to hear it bby. yeah juices are fab, they’re definitely fine to enjoy daily. smoothies are a good option too so that you get enough fibre in, bit juices are great for easily attaining nutrients from veggies xx

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Anonymous asked: I'm a vegetarian and I'm slowly making my way to become completely vegan. I wanted to buy some yogurt the other day and I could find any good kinds so I wanted to know if you have recommendations to which I should get and brand ?

coyo for coconut yoghurt (in health food stores),  or soy life for soy yogz (supermarkets) x

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bavolfaa asked: Hi!!!I love you and your blog so much!!! I'm a gay guy and also Hindu. My parents keep on condemning homosexuality through Hinduism even though I have never heard of any rule like this. I'm so confused! Can I still be Hindu or nah?

yeah, I’m not too familiar with the logistics of hinduism but I’m like 99.99% sure there’s nothing in there about homosexuality (plus it’s like the oldest religion in the world, I highly doubt there would even address it lol).  your parents are just using it as a mechanism to voice their homophobia I guess xx

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rhea--of--sunshine asked: So today in my AP Euro class, we add a discussion about how women don't get paid as much as men and a guy in my class made a comment about he "doesn't get the whole feminist thing" and before I could answer, my teacher moved on and the discussion was over. But, for future reference, what are some good points about why feminism is important?

tagged/feminism there’s a long ass answer which should be helpful to you xx

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Anonymous asked: You look like a cross between beyonce, felice fawn, pia mia, nicki minaj, rihanna and tyra banks. In different photos you look like different people. But none of those people look like each other?

u r making my head spin lol, thankyou though x

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