Anonymous asked: youre like a mix of pia mia and tyra banks wow x beauty 😘

aw thx bby x

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Anonymous asked: Are you an English major? I'm in AP English at my high school and really want to go to college for English xoxo

haha no no, we’re just talking basic bitch hsc english. probs chat to your careers advisor x

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Anonymous asked: Hey, how many pages could you write for English in 40 mins ?

like 6-8ish if I knew the texts, 4ish if I was bullshitting (letters to alice I’m lookin at u) - I have large writing though

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Anonymous asked: what if you get pregnant unintentionally? would you keep the baby or get an abortion?



there are five fetuses in my stomach but only four ultrasounds in my hands,  and these ultrasounds represent the fetuses who are still in the running to become America’s Next Top Model

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Anonymous asked: what do you do every day like usually, your hobbies and such? and where did you learn so much about nutrition?

well I have uni a few days a week and the rest I just while away cooking/uncooking, reading, walking, catching up with m8s, contemplating life, going to pretty places solo ya know, hastily doing assignments at the last minute, drinking tea, bitta yoga?? really should write my raw vegan dessert ebook though omg… it’s easy to while away time I guess.

I’m passionate about nutrition so I research, read up on it (now study it too). I pick things up pretty quickly if I actually pay attention, learning isn’t too hard for me xx

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Anonymous asked: Is Vegemite a vegan product?

fair dinkum it is

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highh-maryjane asked: Awhh you called that anon a buttmuffin, your so cute 😻

butts are cute, muffins are cute, you’re cute

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